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Products and Services

Mortality and Longevity Report

Our Mortality and Longevity report is based on a comprehensive review of the insured’s medical records. A full review includes the insured’s life expectancy and a written summary of the insured’s medical history. for further information.

Insurance Application Review

Our Insurance Application Review (IAR) process compares information found on the life insurance policy application to the medical records for inconsistencies. An IAR can only be processed after we complete a life expectancy review from the same client. As a part of our Anti-Fraud Plan, any inconsistencies are reported to the submitting client and the appropriate state agency as required by law. For more information regarding our IAR, .

Longevity Data

AVS Underwriting, LLC (AVS) provides clients with longevity data from our extensive database. The data set now spans 14 years of data and has nearly 206,000 entries. These entries are related to life settlements with the vast majority of the insureds over age 65. For further information regarding our data set, .

Historical Observation

Historical observations allow for the estimation of life expectancy without current medical information. Historical observation LEs are calculated based on specified age (either age at end of medical records or age when historical observation is completed) and when underwriting guidelines are applied. For further information regarding historical observations, .


Our Redaction service removes all identifying information from an individual’s record. It is not automated and our employees view each record to remove such information as name, relatives, social security number, date of birth, addresses, phone numbers, lab ID numbers, insurance numbers, prescription numbers, account numbers and serial numbers of implanted devices. When complete, redacted records are viewable online to registered clients or can be downloaded and printed. For more information on how to submit a case for redaction, .

To ensure the privacy and safety of our clients, AVS strictly adheres to the below policies.

Privacy Policy
Medical information and/or information specific to the identity of any individual may be considered confidential under certain State and Federal laws. AVS makes every effort to ensure that the personal and medical information that it retains is properly maintained as confidential under the applicable Federal and State laws.

Anti-Fraud Policy
Anti-Fraud services are built into our evaluation process and include detection, investigation and reporting of fraudulent acts to the client and/or state agency as appropriate. Fraudulent acts identified include actions regarding the sale of insurance policies, inconsistencies with insurance applications, non-disclosure of significant illnesses and altered documentation.