It is with great sadness we announce the recent tragic passing of Roy Smith on the 8th of February. AVS Underwriting, LLC will continue to operate with the same quality products and commitment to our clients. We thank you for support at this difficult time.

January 6, 2020 Important Pricing Announcement from AVS Management Click for Details

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Products And Services

Mortality and Longevity Report

A comprehensive medical review.

Insurance Application Review

Compares the life insurance application to the medical records for inconsistencies.

Longevity Data

Dataset from our extensive database available for actuarial analysis.

Specialty Review

Customized portfolio review.


Removes all identifying information from records.

Welcome to AVS Underwriting, LLC

AVS Underwriting, LLC (AVS) is a pioneer in the development and promotion of improved methodologies and techniques for determining a life expectancy. For more than 20 years we have been providing mortality data and evaluations to the longevity industry. Our state of the art information technology system is central to the underwriting process. The system provides an efficient, effective, and scalable platform for developing evaluations. All medical records and reports developed in the evaluation process are permanently and confidentially stored in digital format. For information about becoming an AVS client please call (800) 699-5326 or email .